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The person will shower you with love and affection earlier in the relationship so much so that you won't be able to figure out their faults or shortcomings at all.

When you start to feel stifled in the relationship and want to pull out, that's when their true colours come out and they play the emotional abuse card on you very well.

People who are not ready to break the news of their relationship or want to still be available or seem like their available are the ones who stash.

They probably also feel embarrassed about certain aspects that have something to do with dating and exclusivity.

2017 has seen a paradigm shift in dating trends and it's hitting the newer generation hard.

Dating trends were not really trends to begin with.

They'll probably manipulate you and make you feel miserable for any decision you make.

A good relationship moves slowly and steadily and if you feel that you're relationship is moving too quick, where everything is happening too soon then that's a classic sign.

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They behave like ostriches and run away from difficult situations rather than confronting them. Again, it's not when she turns into a zombie and comes back to eat your flesh. Zombieing is when someone ghosts you and you think they've gone forever from your life and then they come back, just like how a Zombie would, from the dead. They're emotionally manipulative and commitment-phobic. Cushioning is when the person you're with might be at the fag end of the relationship with you and has already sought out his or her options.Their coping mechanism from a bad break up or to escape an unhealthy relationship is always running to other people for comfort.Well, if you find proof of them flirting through texts or DMs then the person is definitely finding avenues to escape the current relationship.Today we have a name for every situation a relationship goes through and made it way more demanding than what it's ought to be.In 2017 alone, 12 new dating trends emerged, that defined relationships for the existing generation.I guess it's an easier manipulation of a certain thought processes to justify the ambiguity that prevails in relationships.

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