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I love to help good people unlock even more of their potential and monetise their genius.I believe great things can happen when we focus first on maximising our clarity and creativity and then on leveraging and harnessing it.Some even think things are impossible, when the truth is that they are not only are possible..but in fact simple, elegant, effortless and fun once you know the path, the system, the steps and how to follow them through with focus. I work with Founders and CEOs to help them prepare to raise capital and in the process save money and identify monetisation opportunities, then put the plans, teams resouces in places to complete them. Chaos To Clarity To I founded and am currently a trustee of the Registered UK Charity Please click here to go the charity’s website and invest some time learning more about we are committed to, and look into how we can collaborate and work together to make the difference and help more people.It’s very random but nearly every time a thought about it comes across my mind it’s soon followed by a tingly sensation.It was literally coming from the heart chakra vibrating quickly and spreading through my arms, legs, crown chakra, and toes.Something more interesting to note was that the quick vibrations became even stronger the moment I thought about my soulmate i.e.It’s been happening a lot just in the last couple months.

I often find people don’t know what’s really possible and open to them.To learn more about my legacy and philanthropy initiatives please click here now.You will then be directed to a page with all of that user's photos.and for the past day I’ve been getting really intense chills running through my body while I’m laying on my couch (which was our favourite spot to lay together) and it’s not cold in my house, I’m not sick, it’s just a really weird feeling of chills through my whole body.I have also been feeling a lot of pressure or tingling at the top of my head – I have begun to reflect inward in hopes of learning more about these sensations.Sometimes i get angry at the devil for being such a bully and i feel chills as well.

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