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without re-writing anything below, I am now of the opinion that there was never a Thomas Boon property record dating to 1668. The “earliest” record of a Boon that I can even remotely consider to be a progenitor is the Nich Boon of 1667 or so in Isle of Wight, VA. I also cannot connect any history to that Nich Boon of IOW… So I am left with only questions concerning the early 1700s Boons of NC. ) ; `of the Hundred Battles' (110) Eoghan (Owen) MOR ; aka Eugene `the Great'; aka Eagon More; poss. - 226) (114) Feargusa Dubdetach `the Long Haired' Mac IMCHATHA (? ) ; aka Fearghus Caisfhiaclach Mac IMCHAD (115) Cormac Ulfhada (Ulfhota; `Longbeard') Mac AIRT (? - 365) ; aka Eochaid (XII) Muighmheadhoin (Mugmemdon) (Tara) (125) Crimthann of IRELAND Although the 106th Monarch existed, Niall Noigiallach united Ireland and many lists designate the 126th Monarch as ``First King of Ireland'' and number the Kings starting with him. Boulogne) ; aka Nial (MOR) NAOIGHIALLACH `of the Nine Hostages'; conquered nine countries (incl. ) ; aka Aedh II (142) [598-604] Colman Rimid, son of 139th Monarch, q.v. - 607) ; aka Aedh III Uaridnach (144) [612-615] Mael Coba Mac AEDA (? aka Maolchabha, King of CINEALL CONNILL (145) [615-628] Suibhne Meann, aka Suibne Menn, son of Fiachna, son of Fearadhach, son of Muirchertach (Mortough) Mac EARCA (146) [628-642] Domnall Mac AEDA of IRELAND (? (156) [710-722] Fergal (O'NEILL) Mac MAEL DUIN (Mac MAOLDUIN) (? Ireland overrun by Vikings who proclaimed their leader Turgeis/Thorgest to be King of Ireland. Ivan (IV) `the Terrible' (1st CZAR) of all the RUSSIAS (1530 - 1584) ; aka Ivan VASILYEVICH; aka John IV `the Awesome'; Grand Prince of MOSCOW; he and his son Feodor I were the last rulers of the RURIKID Dynasty Samuel Moore `Sam' WALTON (Kingfisher, Oklahoma 29/3/1918 - 5/4/1992 Little Rock, Ark.) ; (founder & eponym of Wal Mart; 13th wealthiest American ever; 25th Wealthiest Person ever; 5th most influential businessman ever) Marie Joseph Yves Paul `Gilbert' MOTIER de la FAYETTE (Chavainac 6/9/1757 - 20/5/1837 Paris) ; Marquis de la Fayette; (Captain in French Army, General in American Army, famous American HERO; eponym; s.... ) ; aka Art (III) Aonthir; aka Art-Ean-Fhear Eanfhear Aenfher (113) Lugaid (Lughoidh) Mac Con Mac LUGAID (? (149) [654-665] Diarmit II, son of Aed Slaine Mac DIARMATA (150) [654-665] Blathmac, son of Aed Slaine Mac DIARMATA (sometimes confused with 150) [654-665] Blathmac Mac MAEL COBA of ULSTER (? ) (151) [665-671] Sechnussach, son of 150th Monarch Sources may show two different pedigrees for 152nd Monarch (152) [671-675] Ceannfaeladh, son of 150th Monarch, q.v. ) Finachta Headhat (the Christian King who remitted the impost imposed by 106th Monarch). : grandfather of Ann Whitesides); (that our Deborah Montgomery was sister of the (slightly) famous Thomas of Philadelphia is suggested by w....123 (Isle of Wight Co, VA) – March 8, Ratcliff received a 200 acres lease, adjoining his father -(recorded Nov 25, 1717)-lease was released March 10, 1715 (wife is listed as Olive) ————– 1723 – The Great Book, p. 591 (Isle of Wight Co, VA) -March 23-Ratcliff bought 75 acres, adjoining his own acreage, part of a patent of Matthew Strickland ———— 1745 -Deed Book 7, p. There is a Chancery Court case about 1799 which lists his widow Patience and sons William, Jesse and Sion. CFN=093-1801-005 ———————————– My interest in the Boons are the (possible? It is easy to throw your hands in the air, storm off, get stinking drunk and swear off genealogy forever when trying to dig up these bones. now in the actual possession of William Boon as by patent to me 5 April 1720. [C 364] William Boon to William Little 150£ for 550 acres surveyed for James Boon, on WS of Mirey Meadow. I think William Little is identified on the 1733 Moseley Map. Witness my hand and Seal this 10th day of February 1752 Sign’d Seal’d and acknowledg’d to be the Last Will & Testam’t of Carolus Anderson in presence of Carolus CA Anderson his mark/seal Nicholus Boon William Boon Jurant So… An avenue of hope for further research is the CHOWAN deeds and records. I viewed some a couple of years ago at the Raleigh Archives but did not have time to muddle through the details. Will of William Brown – recorded 21 July 1719 [SS 341 p 84 NC wills] In the name of God Amen, this 15th day of December in the year of our Lord God 1718 – I William Brown in ye county of Albermarle in ye province of North Carolina, am sick and week . I bequeath to my eldest son John ye Manner Plantation and one hundred and fifty acres of land; to my son Thomas one hundred and fifty acres of land joyning to his brother John; to my son Jacob one hundred and fifty acres of land up Cyprus gritt joying upon his brother Thomas; to my daughter Ann one hundred and fifty acres of land lying upon the head of her brother John; to John Carver fifty acres of land and ye place which his father was kild lying between two branches; to my daughter Martha one hundred and fifty acres of land joining upon Carver; to my daughter Mary one hundred and fifty acres of land between Martha and ye head line; to my daughter Sarah one hundred and fifty acres of land and ye southmost fork. (see my map above for details) Here is a transcript of Joseph Boon’s will of 1728: Joseph Boon Will, Bertie Pct., NC-Written: Feb.19,1728 Prov: October 19, 1728 (Son of Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Strickland of IOW Co, Va I Joseph Boon: Being very sick and weak of body but in perfect memory: Do give and dispose of what worldly estate God hath been pleased to endow me with: I give and dispose after this manner following: First I bequeath my soul to God who gave it. Item: I give unto my sister Martha Bayley a hifer and calf …….. Since a son of Joseph Boon (Thomas) is a devisee in the will, I don’t think he could also be a witness. 591 -Oct 28-Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Boon, his wife, gave a lease deed of 180 acres, adjoining Ratcliff Boon (their son) on Horse Swamp, rec. 258 (Isle of Wight Co, Va) -Nov 25-Ratcliff deeded 140 acres adjoining his other acreage to his son, James, witnessed by Thomas Boon ————– 1752 -Deed Book 8, page 444 (Isle of Wight Co, VA) -Ratcliff deeded 150 acres on the north side of Main Blackwater Swamp to his son, Ratcliff Jr, witnessed by another son, Jamed, recorded March 5, 1752 ————– 1752 -Deed Book 8, page 463 (Isle of Wight Co, VA) -Ratcliff deeded his plantation, 150 acres, to his son, Jacob-recorded June 4, 1752 From the deeds above it appears Ratcliff Boon had three sons… The patent of 1771 shown above is for Ratcliff Boon Junior… (Notice that the land description references Horse Swamp and “Stricklings” property… They proliferated like rabbits and used the same names to great confusion. One Thomas Boon removed from IOW around 1723 and settled nearby to Carolus Anderson on the VA/NC border at Maherrin River. he died 1752 and his will was witnessed by Nicholas and William Boon. One William Boon leaves a single record that I have found in IOW… The Pierce, Wrayford (Rayford) properties in IOW were within a mile or so of the Boon home property of the original Strickland patent. 100 A sold to John Bobbit; 100 acres sold to Henry Simes, where Chas. I’m thinking the parents (first generation) are illiterate and the sons (second generation) “lernt to spel”! Signatures and Land references may help sort out the mysteries. The remaining part of ye land I leave holy and truly to my sonnes disposing. Nicholas “could” be the one who signed Carolus Anderson’s will in 1752? Hmmm…figure out exactly where George Seller’s land was in 1754… ======================================================================================================================== A bit of an update… And my body to be buried After a decent manner, According as my Executors shall feel Convenient. ye: Item: I give to my son Thomas Boon my Siord: ( sword) Item: I give unto my son James Boon one iron pot and a small one when he comes of ye age Sixteen years: Item: I give unto my two daughters Mary and Elizabeth, for each of them one Cow and Calf: Item: I give unto my Loving wife Mary Rest of my moveable estate …. for her to enjoy during her life and afterwards to be disposed to among my children: And I desire my two young horses to be sold and ye produce of them to be disposed toward ye payment of my debts: I appoint my Loving wife Executor of this my Last Will and Testament: The Last will and Testament of Joseph Boon Testator: To witness my hand This 19th day of Feb: 1728 Joseph Boon ( his mark (an E)) Witness our hands: signed sealed in ye presence of us Thomas Boon (his mark ( a T and B on the same vertical line) Nathaniel Cooper ( in the same hand as the rest of the will) 1728-October 19, Will was probated source: that Sadie Sparks opines: “(Son of Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Strickland of IOW Co, Va” .

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aka Mogha (Mug Leath) Nuadha (Nuadat Nuadak); Mac MOGA NEIT of MUNSTER (111) Conaire (II) Mac MOGA LAMA (? - 266) ; 115th (and wisest) MONARCH of IRELAND; converted to Christianity (116) Eochaidh Gonnat, son of Fiach, son of Imchad (Iomchaidh) Mac BREASAL (117) Cairbre Lifiochair (Lifechar) Mac CORMAIC (? From here, dates of reign are shown, mostly following the website of David Hughes. part of France) (127) [423-428] Dathi Mac Fiachrach, son of Fiachra Foltsnaithech Mac ECHACH (128) [428-463] Laeghaire (Leary) of IRELAND (129) [463-482] Ailill Molt, son of Dathi Mac Fiachrach (127th Monarch), q.v. ruled by High-King Arthur of Britain (131) [ca 521-534] Muirchertach (Mortough) Mac EARCA (132) [534-544] Tuathal Maelgarb Mac CORMAIC (? ) (133) [544-565] Diarmait Derg Mac FEARGUSA CERRBEOIL (? ) (134) [565-566] Domhnall Ilchealgach `the Deceitful' of IRELAND (? (136) [569-572] Eochaid/Eochu, son of Domhnall Ilchealgach `the Deceitful' of IRELAND (137) [569-572] Boadan I (138) [566-569] Ainmere (Ainmercach) Mac SETNA 139th Monarch was Baetan; perhaps two consecutive Baetans ruled but were conflated to one in the Monarchy lists (139) [572-581] Baetan II (139) [581-586] Baetan III, son of Ninnid, son of Dui, son of Conall Gulban Mac NEILL Aedh II and Colman Rimid were co-rulers. - 718 or 722) ; King of Ailech (157) [722-724] Fogartach (Fogerty), prob. ) ; aka Aedh V `the Dignified'; aka Aodh Oirdnide (165) [819-833] Conchobhar, son of Donnchad (I) Midi Mac DOMNAILL (O'NEILL) (166) [833-838] Niall (III) Caille Mac AEDA (791? (167) [846-862] Mael Sechnaill Mor Mac MAEL RUANAID (? ) ; ala Malachy I (168) [862-879] Aedh Finnliath Mac NEILL (King of AILECH) (? ) (82) Conall Collamhrach, son of Ederscel Teamhrah, son of Eochaidh Ailtleathair (83) Nia Segaman (Niadhsedhaman) Mac AMADAIR ; aka Niodh Seathamhuin (84) Enna Aignech `the Hospitable' Mac AENGUSA (? BC) ; aka Eanna (Enda) Airghtheach (85) Crimthann Coscrach Mac FEIDEILMID (? BC) ; Crionthan Cosgrach; Criomthann Cusgrach (86) Rudraige Mor Mac SITTRID (? BC) ; aka Ruadhri (Rory) MOR (87) Fintait Mor Mac NIA ; poss. BC) ; aka Lughaid Sriabh-N Dearg (99) Conchobar Abratruad Mac FIND FILED (? BC) ; aka Conchobhar Abhradhruadh (100) Criffan Crimthann (Criomthann) `Niadh-Nar' Mac LUGAID ; `the Heroic'; Nia Naire The 101st Monarch was not a Milesian, but rather made King by the Attacot tribe (descended from the Firbolg) after killing most of the Milesian heirs. )) ; `White Oxen' (105) Elim/Eiliomh, son of Ros Ruadh Mac RUDRAIGI (or of Ros' brother Conragh) Tuathal Techtmar is the first Monarch universally acknowledged to be an historic King (106) Tuathal Techtmar (TEACHTMAR) (Mac FIACHACH) (? Congalach's mother was Muire, daughter of King Kenneth I of Scots. (158) [724-728] Cinaed (Cinaeth Kenneth), son of Irgalach, son of Conaing Cuirri, son of Conghal, son of Aed Slaine Mac DIARMATA (159) [728-734] Flaithbertach Mac LOINGSECH (? ) ; aka Flaherty (160) [734-743] Aedh IV (Allan) `the Handsome', son of Fergal (O'NEILL) Mac MAEL DUIN (Mac MAOLDUIN) (161) [743-763] Domnall Midi Mac MURCHAD (? ) ; aka Donal of IRELAND; King of MIDE (Meath) (162) [763-770] Niall Frossach (Frasach) Mac Fergal O'NEILL (718? ) ; `of the Showers' (163) [770-797] Donnchad (I) Midi Mac DOMNAILL (O'NEILL) (? - 919) ; aka Njal GLUNDUBH; aka Niall IV `Black-Knee' (171) [919-944] Donnchad Donn Mac FLAINN (? ) (172) [944-956] Congalach III `Cnogba', son of Maelmithigh, son of Flanagan, son of Ceallach, son of Conaing Mac CONGALACH. John Thomas MONTGOMERY (another descendant of Alexander Master of MONTGOMERY (q.v., d. )); (he or brother had a son who emigrated from Armagh to Pennsylvania about same time as Deborah) Thomas(? Wit: John Dew, jurat, Richard Bailey, James Holland Feb Ct 1739 According to Hugh B. I think that the wife of William Boon was Browne’s sister Elizabeth (more later). 1377 William Boon of Albemarle Co and Elizabeth Boon to Robert Sims of same, 10L 200 a NS Morattock Riv upon the SS of a Cypress Br, joining William Powell and the Br now in the actual possession of the sd. Johnston in a report in 1961 in regard to the Stricklands of IOW… Remember that it was only AFTER 1700 that the “new lands” west of the Blackwater River was opened to settlement. Sims, part of a Patent granted to William Boon /2, . My current theory is that there were 4 or 5 Boon brothers. Of interest also is the William Browne property several miles west of Thomas Boon’s new land.

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