Who was kid rock dating in 2016


"I got a year on him, and it really is embarrassing…. My girlfriend is on Instagram – I don't fuck with it – and she's like, ' Oh here you are at Home Depot.' And she found a funny one.

Bobby will go out and I mean, he's a He hates making speeches"If I go to a speaking engagement, I'm fucking shaking like a leaf on a tree in my mind," says Rock. I was at this golf store, and this real nice black girl's like, ' Oh my God, Kid Rock, can I take a picture? The shoebox is on Instagram: ' Look what Kid Rock just signed up here in Jupiter, Florida!

But there was plenty of material that we didn't include.

Here are some weird, wild things you learn spending time with Rock, who is heading out on tour with Foreigner (most tickets are ) starting June 24th in Hartford, Connecticut.

We don't do that.' I was like, ' These people are helping us. We're all working together.' Then we saw Metallica, and they treat their people great. It doesn't hurt to write fucking ' Cowboy,' I get it. We don't need those headaches."It isn't much easier being a parent when you're rich and famous"We went through our periods: ' Well, you're famous, I can't do this and that.' ' Cry me a fucking river. We're not gonna hug it out."Rock sells records"If you look at my radio spins compared to other artists, and you look at the records I sell when they spin me, it's gotta be fucking insane.

Go play fucking Nintendo on your fucking 30-inch TV.' You know what I mean? Like, if they spin somebody a million times, they sell 500,000 records.

They started dating years after his brief marriage to Pamela Anderson ended in 2007.

and generally pulls no punches at his home in Troy, Alabama.

Except the ones he wants to come out and broadcast about. You see who's still standing."Being nice has other benefits too"[Girls] were always throwing themselves [at us].

Put some fucking bitches shaking their ass, shoot some fire in the air, scream out your fucking name, people are pulling out their fucking hair." to treat roadies Rock was the opening act for the rap-rock crew in the late-Nineties. Looking back at those times, I think I got more pussy than fucking anybody because I always treated people nice.

"I always told my band, ' You see how Limp Bizkit treats their roadies and shit? That's probably why I got so much fucking pussy. We didn't fuck anybody's wife, anybody's girlfriend.

When he wants to come out and make it a big effort and really do something, he's not humble anymore."He still isn't sick of playing "Bawitdaba""' Bawitdaba' is tough to beat," he says of his 1998 hit. We want to go a long way, and that's not how you treat people. I was like, ' Let's not fuck this up by being brats. When we get the fuck off, we fucking treat them like they're part of our fucking family. It's just when we first put the record out, it was bigger girls in southern Ohio, northern Virginia.

"I either do it when I come out or close to the end [of my set]. Sold 10 million records and I was banging supermodels, which I didn't have a problem with."[But] I always treated people nice.

It was eight degrees above zero, he hunted for a minimum of five or six days on all three of those, he never got one. And I'm up there playing Led Zeppelin songs in front of Led Zeppelin and the President!

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