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No, you know, I'm promoting Evan Almighty, which comes out in June.

So, yeah, I'd love to take a year and see what else I can do.

When we finished [shooting], there was a 50/50 chance we'd be returning.

There was a real kind of high — that's the only way I can describe it — when we'd get these big athletic speeches and then nail it after 35 takes.

Patterson joined the cast of the NBC series The Event as Michael Buchanan, a key player in the extraterrestrial conspiracy.

Like Aliens In America, The Event was cancelled after only one season.

We may be able to see Luke again on Netflix, but where is the guy who plays him?

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) Surprisingly, Agent Strahm lived to see the end of Saw IV, and Patterson went on to star in 2008's Saw V.That was the other weird thing about ending the show like this.I hope when I'm 55 and I've been out of a job for a long time and those girls are running the studios that they remember Lorelai Gilmore.Things didn't work out too well for Strahm at the end of of the fifth film, which left Patterson plenty of time to head back to television.Patterson starred on the underrated CW sitcom Aliens In America, a series about a Wisconsin family that takes in an exchange student from Pakistan.Patterson continued acting, though shifted his career from television back to films (possibly because films can't be cancelled).

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