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And while her ways may not be healthy, they are most definitely fun.Take a page with caution, and whatever you do, don't date Pete Doherty.

Creative Director Marc Jacobs said it was intended as a symbolic representation of obsession.

" Her relationship with troubled rocker Pete Doherty played out in the headlines from 2005 to 2007.

Her John Galliano designed dress was, as expected, a hit in fashion circles, and featured in Vogue magazine.

He has travelled many places because of his father's work like Catterick, Belfast, and Wildenrath Barrack in northwest Germany with his family. At the age of 11 he first played guitar to impress his classmate Emily Baker.

He got 11 GCSEs at Nicholas Chamberlaine Comprehensive School in Bedworth.

But he left the study after completing his course in the first year. He has been actively involved in the field of music since 1997.

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