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🎿🏒 He was 1 of the true greats to call games-When you heard his voice it was a big game w/ a lot on the line. Always LOVED listening to Mike call games-Added to the game without making it about him. #Team I don’t tweet about anything I’m involved with being “the best” or not. And I have no issue with a coach selling his team or his conference-thought it was just funny to see Cale pull the 2 tweets that’s all. Please RT - My friend Kara O’Neal has battled AML throughout her life. That is why I am partnering with @LLSusa to make a difference for all those who have & continue to battle, at @Hooisier Football #Pro Day - pledgeit.org/Richard-Lagow pic.twitter.com/m L0Glig Fd F Was expelled Accused of abusing girlfriend Fetishized killing animals Treated for mental issues Threatened teachers Posted pics of himself with firearms on social media Still legally able to buy a semiautomatic rifle and bulk ammo at age 19 #Parkland bostonglobe.com/news/nation/20…

I’m a proud alum and to be clear I am a fan like you and anyone else. Just happen to be able to be objective to a fault when evaluating CFB. First year head coach @Chris Holtmann deserves a lot of credit in a transition year of pulling this group together!

He has till now made 11 interceptions with Five touchdowns and 9-4-1 career record for being a starter.Kirk was thoroughly inspired by his father’s success in football.Kirk went to Centreville High School located in Centerville Ohio.All of Kirk’s inspiration and desires towards football came from seeing his father.His father was an accomplished college football player and he had many honours to his name. @Ohio State Hoops finds a way to win in Bloomington in a rare Friday night @B1GMBBall game!! What an awesome win and in grand style to achieve GOLD!!

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