Who is andy roddick dating


The family even relocated from Austin, Texas, to Florida so that John could train year-round.

John was about six years older than Andy, and went on to run a tennis academy in San Antonio, Texas, after retiring from competition because of a back injury.

During the 2001 season Roddick struggled to fulfill that promise.

There were several highlights, including the moment when he eliminated another one of his heroes, Michael Chang (1972–), early in the French Open in May.

"I was telling myself, ' Give it your all until the last ball is over.'" Roddick failed to advance much further during the 2001 French Open. Both Opens, along with Wimbledon and the Australian Open, are known as tennis's "Grand Slam" titles. "Rare Specimen Found in Florida: Andy Roddick Is the First American Boy to Win the Australian Junior since 1959." Sports Illustrated (Feb 21, 2000): p.

He was eliminated at Wimbledon and in the quarterfinals of the U. They are the toughest and most prestigious tournaments, watched by millions around the world, and also come with generous cash prizes for a first-place win.

Roddick was not the first tennis prodigy in his family.

Roddick has often said that Sampras was one of his idols when he was growing up, and his rise has been almost as quick as Sampras's, who won his first U. Watching a young Roddick play, many sportswriters have compared him to Sampras.

Roddick came from a well-to-do family that could easily afford the expensive lessons and equipment necessary for early training in tennis.

He picked up a racket to follow in his brother's footsteps, and was intensely focused from an early age.

He begged his mother to let him have a rebound net in the garage. You'd hit the ball and it came back to you," he explained to Neil Harman, a journalist for the London Times.

"I'd spend hours on it and Mum would ask: ' What did you do today?

Thirteen days later, Roddick won the men's title that Sampras had taken four times before him.

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