Who is andruw jones dating


Even though they all try to act like they are apart of a secret elite society, Chile Bye!Anytime grown educated women walk around talking in third person and acting like Drag Queens. If you are the lady that you say you are you would use correct english and you would not walk in the room yelling like you have lost your mind.The Married to Medicine show is a little hood in a good way.I am glad they are showing that these wives and the doctors are really crazy and they act like normal people.Then you have the nerve to tell Kari that your phone was on silence PAAAALEEEZE!Chile you couls have came up with another excuse because that was definitely not TEA girl, becasue its not a no shade, no tea situation.

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Last night of Married to Medicine was a straight up PICKLE.

I mean she wants to spend all this money and she knows her husband is trying to do another business venture. Simone, They are boring bootz and I can already seeing them being replaced for next season. But next week is going to be very interesting with Mariah and Toya fighting.

I need for her to have a Eternal seat because she looks and sounds stupid. I live to hear Ms Quad talk with that memphis twang twirled with a touch of a young Drag queen and the old reading skills of a Old Drag Queen. I don’t know how Bravo feels about this fighting seen but hell they let it be aired so I guess they liked it.

I am giving you SHADE and Definitely SOME TEA, now hop on that and call it a lie! Mariah, then second of all your ghetto monster of a mom Lucy was out of line with how she talked to Toya.

Hunnie as much as you talk you probably told somebody else and thats how it made it to the salon.

The only thing that put you together is that rainbow bright eye shadow and your bad choices of hair weave.

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