Who is adam scott dating now

And they’re able to mine comedy out of people doing what they passionately love.

By Alex Myers Adam Scott isn't married and the biggest hug he got on Augusta National's 10th green after winning the Masters on Sunday came from his caddie, Steve Williams. I'm very much in a relationship, and am very happy at the moment."Check it out below at about the mark: When pressed to give a name of his significant other, Scott said, "Marie." So who is this "Marie," you ask?

During a break from shooting the season finale back in February, Scott let me crash on the sofa in his trailer and ask him questions about Ben’s career prospects, his political persuasions and what’s on the horizon for him and Leslie. Scott: When the election’s over, when the campaign’s over, then yeah.

In the process, I was treated to the sight of Nick Offerman bursting in briefly to mention LSD and I learned a little something about Chris Pratt’s artistic abilities. So when is your character going to get another job?

It's hard to get purchase on the side of the wall," he said.

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Namely, he's playing fewer overgrown kids and more adults with kids.

Related: How Adam Scott is really growing the game of golf Of course, Scott has had more publicized relationships with actress Kate Hudson and tennis player Ana Ivanovic in recent years.

Scott met Kojzar while she was working as an au pair for Thomas Bjorn. A blonde Swedish nanny working for a professional golfer?

And while he's now known mostly for comedy, Scott has done his share of drama and dabbled in action and horror since he began his career in the mid-'90s.

He's drawn to smaller indies but hasn't shied away from mainstream productions.

I needed a job so badly that I went and auditioned, hoping they wouldn't realize that I was in the last one. Everyone watched it." On Veronica Mars, Scott played a Chuck Rooks, a teacher accused of sleeping with and impregnating a student.

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