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Maybe then we could try to be together.” Booth suggests they each write down a date, before burning the slip of paper to release the wish into the universe. That rule holds true for this season four episode that starts out in the world of Norwegian black metal and ends on a heartbreaker, with Booth and Brennan sharing some of their darkest childhood secrets with Sweets in order to “metaphorically compare scars” with the young FBI shrink, who has a similarly mottled past.OK -- is for Sweets’ benefit, but it’s also an unmistakable step in the couple’s now-undeniable emotional relationship.

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“When the time is right, you’ll tell him,” the heartbroken grandfather persuades her. ”GALLERY: 'Bones' Says Goodbye: Booth and Brennan's 22 Best Episodes 14.

Everything goes according to plan until Booth realizes that Brennan’s plan to prove her father’s innocence involves implicating herself in the murder instead, something he’s unwilling to go along with, even under oath.

After 12 seasons, it’s difficult to pick a seminal line for these two, but “That’s a lot of heart, Bones” is certainly in the top five. “The Blackout in the Blizzard” (Season 6, Episode 16)The “will they or won’t they” couple’s final push towards “they will” wouldn’t have been complete without a classic “stuck-in-an-elevator” episode, and Bones’ comes with the added bonus of having the elevator be an old-school, open-air wrought-iron model, so Sweets can pop by from time to time and update Booth and Brennan on the case-of-the-week while also prying into their personal conversations.

“The Loyalty in the Lie/The Brother in the Basement” (Season 11, Episodes 1 & 2)The show’s 10th season finale, “The Next in the Last,” was written before producers knew whether or not they’d be coming back for an 11th year -- and featured Booth and Brennan stepping away from the crime-solving life as they prepared to welcome their second child.

So in the two-part season 11 opener, When charred remains turn up at the Jeffersonian, all signs point to them being Booth’s.

“The Man in the Morgue” (Season 1, Episode 19)As Michelle Hurd’s local New Orleans detective, Rose Harding, deadpans to Brennan after Booth muscles his way into her hospital room, “Guy flies down from D.

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