Webley firearms dating

//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1600/3339/files/riader-10Webley Raider 12 PCP Air Rifle, Ambi-Dextrous Wooden Stock The new Raider 12 is a leap forward in PCP design and innovation.

With the advancement of technological manufacturing, the new Raider 12 is the result of this.

It should be noted that the .38 Mk IV and the .455 Mk IV are in fact different guns.

The Webley Mk IV was introduced by Webley in 1923 as a potential police revolver.

In 1926-1927 the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Lock made changes to the lockwork and trigger mechanism, largely in the provision of a hammer safety lock and a separate cylinder lock.

With these modifications the revolver was designated the Enfield No.2.

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The British government did not want to pay Webley for its design.Its full title was Pistol, Revolver, Number 2 Mark 1.Ironically in World War II with demand outstripping the ability to produce the Enfield No.2 the British government purchased a large number of the Webley Mk IV for issue. On the right side of my frame above the trigger is a Enfield over a crown and 1924 (no month) under the crown.I had to use a bright light at an angle to see them myself. The pistol has a barrel dated '19 on the left side near the rear but, the original (barrel) serial number is lined out and replaced with the frames serial number. My markings are so weak that I doubt I can get a picture of them.Designed and developed in England with a common goal - To make... Shoguns.1000The new 1000 series of Shotguns has been designed and developed to provide a superior handling Shotgun that is not only balanced and reliable but also a thing of beauty.

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