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Remember people aren't always who they say they are online, even when dating so be mindful of people creating fake profiles, also known as 'catfishing'.

In 1983, Pat Benatar declared "love is a battlefield," one of the truer phrases ever to be laid down on wax.

The NPCC said gangs were making millions from the scam, with thousands of victims too afraid to come forward.

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If you have already paid, check to see if the money has been collected.It comes as the Met Police released worrying figures showing the number of sex crimes involving dating apps Tinder and Grindr was up 2,000 per cent this year.The National Crime Agency and the National Police Chiefs' Council have launched a new campaign to advise those who have been, or are likely to be, targeted.Also, keep an eye on all the accounts which you might have linked in case the criminals try to contact you via one of those.Don't pay: Many victims who have paid have continued to get more demands for higher amounts of money.If it has, and if you are able, then make a note of where it was collected from.

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