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Most people define genre by its overall narrative structure.To a traditional close reader, genre is “a type of literary work characterized by a particular form, style, or purpose” (“Genre”).VEP loves hearing from students whose imaginations have been really taken by the work we do.–hgf] in terms of the play’s tragedy, trying to gain perspective on just how sad the play really is.My analysis provided substantial evidence against the claims of the literary critic, George Steiner, in terms of Shakespeare and the genre of tragedy.As a Business Administration/IT Management major, I was not overly eager to take an English Literature course, and especially not a Shakespeare course focusing on the 1623 First Folio.Data-mining software can easily delineate between comedies and histories, but tragedies lie somewhere in between these two genres (Hope and Witmore 2004).Docu Scope, a sophisticated data-mining tool, counts the occurrences of specific categories of words and phrases in sections of text and creates graphs to display the findings in a visual manner.

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Mbirika holds several University degrees and diplomas. He has been awarded a Doctor of Science degree in Diplomacy and another Doctorate in Psychology from Rome and Spain respectively. Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere and Tom Mboya, he has for the past 40 years, followed in their footsteps, by ridding Africa of colonialism, neo-colonialism, illiteracy, hunger and sickness.While the compilers of this collection of works likely used plot to separate the plays into genres, the same separation can be done using data-mining (Witmore 2011).Unfortunately, at this close level of analysis, the genre of tragedy can be difficult to distinguish.Certain words play a key role in tragic drama in particular, including (Booth 1983, 37).Docu Scope’s dictionary categorizes thousands of words into “Positivity,” “Negativity,” “Anger,” “Sad,” and so on.EN LITEN TRAFIKANT ANKOMMER PRESIS HELT NAKEN SÅ MIRAKULØST SÅ NYDELIG OG SØT HAR DU SETT PÅ MAKEN!

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