Validating html5 documents

Students will add interactive behaviors to web pages creating better user experiences and add dynamic data using AJAX, REST and Web Socket with Java Script.Learn To: Benefits to You This course will prepare any web developer with enough Java Script, HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge to build complex and modern sites and for those looking to develop Java EE front-end web applications.We would like to encourage spec authors to be conservative in including new tags, and only do so when they addition of the tag allows for significant gains in functionality.For example, be adapted to allow an optional pubdate attribute or, even better, more explicit metadata.HTML5 is the next generation of web markup, and the first web markup language created in the era of web applications.While we view many aspects of it quite favorably, we believe the specification could benefit from a few changes and clarifications, outlined below.Writing HTML is fine, but what if something goes wrong, and you can't work out where the error in the code is?

Sometimes fixing an earlier error will also get rid of other error messages — several errors can often be caused by a single problem, in a domino effect.

Browsers have built-in rules to state how to interpret incorrectly written markup, so you'll get something running, even if it is not what you expected. Note: HTML is parsed permissively because when the web was first created, it was decided that allowing people to get their content published was more important than making sure the syntax was absolutely correct.

The web would probably not be as popular as it is today, if it had been more strict from the very beginning.

The spec should clarify that an author can use XHTML or HTML syntax, that it is a coding style preference.

It would be great if Henri could add a toggle to the validator that will check for syntax.

When writing code of some kind, everything is usually fine, until that dreaded moment when an error occurs — you've done something wrong, so your code doesn't work — either not at all, or not quite how you wanted it to.

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