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She is black and white, her fervent hatred of most people is translucent, she will send praise and admiration to supposed friends and acquaintances until the moment they have an opinion on any topic she disapproves of.

The vitriol flies off her fingers like wildfires out of control.

No one would allow her near their children and no one wanted to rent even as much as a tiny room to her.

She was not even capable of finding roommates to share housing.

She is many sock accounts, same sock accounts she has used on Facebook.

It didn’t matter what religion anyone was because Veronika, or as Joy of Satan thinks her name is, Viktória, liked people from any religion and really, she only hated people who disagreed with her, which happened almost daily.

She admits when she has decided someone has gone against her, she is done with them.

She pretends with them from then on, as she will with all of the Joy of Satan members she hates with a seething passion.

She is only angry about some people because they told her she was going to hate them and then she went ahead and did! it is also totally unnecessary because he cannot put me silence.

It is right on her stupid retard Facebook profile, and she even says on it she doesn’t hate that person! I can make a new account if I want and my friends are there too.

That’s why I’m sharing the truth and educating the people everywhere I go.

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