Updating registry entries through gpo


besides providing the Key (which I was able to find and verfiy that it has my configuration that I have done through the UI.

Question 3: How to figure out the display name of the policy in question?

When your application queries a setting it should first determine if the setting is controlled by a policy and then use the policy value. From your question it seems that you want to be able to do the opposite, that is, you want the local settings to take precedence over the GPO.

In that case I don't see why you have the GPO in the first place since it will always be overruled by the local setting.

If you don't want to wait 90 minutes but still want to test what happens when your GPO is applied you can use the gpupdate tool to manually refresh the GPO.

I had an issue with Microsoft Excel 2010 (well not exact an Excel issue, but anyway).

updating registry entries through gpo-4updating registry entries through gpo-81updating registry entries through gpo-19

Minimum number of minutes between automatic update checks.

Or, you might want to specify how often Google Update checks for browser updates.

You manage Google Update using Microsoft Windows Group Policy We recommend that you keep auto-updates turned on so your users receive software updates and critical security fixes.

I tried the following: ***Get-GPRegistry Value : The command cannot be completed because a GPO that is named "Subscription Manager" was not found in the nfstest.stbtest.domain.

Make sure that the GPO that is specified by the Name parameter exists in the domain that is specified for the cmdlet. Parameter name: Name At line:1 char:1 Get-GPRegistry Value -Name Subscription Manager -Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\P ...

If you want to use GPO's to manage specific settings in registry you should store the application setting in one place and the settings from the GPO in another place.

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