Updating aol is for crap


Affected users are airing their complaints on the #aolhacked hashtag on Twitter.One user is complaining that phishing emails were sent to every single one of his 2,200 contacts.It’s getting hard to find out much about AOL with only a few million people left who still use it, and many of them pissed about a home page redesign that occurred over four years ago.I can understand AOL isn’t catering to the broadest nor most technically adept userbase and that the need for good services such as the original [email protected] has been greatly reduced as more and more people quit AOL.The amount of history lost by erasing them so that the average layperson can’t learn how AOL’s service once worked without having to wait for a media reporter to research it and print up the result of an arduous fact-finding mission is priceless (I can envision her trying to interview devs who worked for AOL 20 years ago, now in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, who answer every question with one of two phrases: “Well yeah, maybe sort of”, and “Uh, well, no, maybe not.”).It’s one thing for AOL to delete a how-to cancel page, which they did almost 10 years ago, making me briefly famous for getting pissed about it and embarrassing them in the process. It’s probably too late to hope AOL will rethink this, but it sure would be nice if they did.Company: America Online (aol.com) or AOL (aol.com) File: is a component of a number of AOL-related programs that implements a system tray icon to allow easy access to AOL software and tools.It is automatically installed with some versions of the "main" AOL software (that used by AOL subscribers), and is also installed alongside the AOL Explorer program and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

One day – and I’m not trying to be mean by saying so – AOL will probably cease to exist except as a service people might or might not recall with a laugh, a shudder, or maybe with a few memories, either good or bad.

Several affected users are longtime AOL subscribers with decades-old accounts.

I’ve reached out to AOL for a statement and will update if they respond.

Use msconfig to remove it at startup and probably all will revert to normal (or as norma as possible with AOL!

) AOL Explorer freezes up if activated when PC is first turned on.

I renamed it so it can't launch and AIM runs fine without it.

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