Unregistered sex dating


However, as religious clerics are powerful, the abuse is rarely discussed or acknowledged in public, according to alleged victims' families.

Police are often paid off not to pursue justice against clerics, they add, and cases rarely make it past the courts, because Pakistan's legal system allows the victim's family to 'forgive' the offender and accept what is often referred to as 'blood money.' When offending mullahs pay police off, they refuse to even register a case, according to the families.'We are being pressured to compromise,' says a man from Punjab who would only give his name as Maqsood.

In 2004, a Pakistani official disclosed more than 500 complaints of sexual assaults against young boys in madrassas. Two officials familiar with the educational establishments said sexual abuse there happens all the time.

They asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from militant groups. I am not sure what it will take to expose the extent of it.

Police also found an unregistered air rifle in a bungalow cupboard.

Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Ron Lennox said Kajer denied he had any child pornography, claiming the images were of adolescents.

Broadmeadows Magistrates Court heard 11 images of pre-pubescent children posing naked were discovered on Kajers computer.

The top police officer in the district center of Multan, Deputy Inspector General Police Sultan Azam Temuri, denies that pressure from clerics or powerful politicians prompts police to go easy in such cases.A DHS spokesman last night said that under safety screening policy, Kajers conviction meant he could not be employed by the DHS. Former Adelaide cathedral cleaner- 5 sex offences, including gross indecency, attempted unlawful sexual intercourse and unlawful sexual intercourse.Victim was a girl molested over a 5yr period from the age of 12 yrs old.Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.News (9-2-2005)- "Worker at DHS had porn" A department of Human Services worker yesterday avoided jail over child pornography charges but he will not work with children again.Janek Felix Kajer, 55, was banned from working at the DHS after being convicted and put on the sexual offenders register.

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