Texting rules for dating

#8 Always Be Aware of Your "Tone of Voice" and Communication Style.It’s difficult to discern the sender’s tone in text messages, just as it is in e-mail.

However, texting is not and never will be a replacement for a heart-felt telephone conversation full of sighs and laughter. Deborrah has written dozens of articles on dating and relationships, and served as the resident advice columnist on Ask Heart Beat! She is also the author of the hilarious dating guide "Sucka Free Love!

What may be meant as humorous sarcasm, or a completely innocuous message to you may be easily misinterpreted by the recipient of your text.

Such miscommunication can cause hurt feelings and unnecessary tension, and require an unbelievable amount of apologizing and explaining to fix. Have the courage to speak up and risk rejection like a big boy or girl.

How to Avoid Dating The Dumb, The Deceitful, The Dastardly, The Dysfunctional & The Deranged!

", and blogs regularly on topics of interest to single adults 35 and over on Living The Single Life: Surviving Dating at

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