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Back to Contents Australian and State and Territory Government documents usually have a unique number, such as Medicare numbers, Centrelink Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs), driver licence numbers or birth certificate numbers.These are known as ‘government related identifiers’ under the Privacy Act.Updates via the W-4 form are effective based on the current HR-Payroll cycle. Direct Deposit Information Employees may use the My UCF portal to update their direct deposit information.Employees navigate to the My UCF portal and sign in (if employees do not know or remember their sign-in information, click “What is my NID? Once signed into the portal, employees navigate to Employee Self Service – Payroll and Compensation – Direct Deposit.Please note that these forms are also completed when employees are originally hired, as part of the New Employee Sign-In Procedures.

Updates via the My UCF portal are effective based on the current HR-Payroll cycle. Employees may also submit an updated Direct Deposit Form to update their accouting information.These forms were due in the employment office by Friday of last week.To date we are still waiting to receive more than 50 forms. this Friday, your name will be published in the inter-company directory as currently listed.Back to Contents A real estate agency can only collect the personal information of yours that is reasonably necessary for one of its functions or activities.A real estate agent is not allowed to collect more information than is necessary because it is convenient to do so.Employees may update specific information relating to their record via the My UCF portal or the appropriate HR forms.

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