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Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit rejects a litany of constitutional challenges and upholds a comprehensive sexually oriented business ordinance drafted by the firm for Knox County, Tennessee.

Additionally, the firm has extensive experience in handling commercial litigation, business transactions, and employment matters.

Ten years ago, Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, showed the first prototypes of the Ogle light fixture to Swedish heritage manufacturer ateljé Lyktan.

A minimal pendant with a spotlight function, effectively a sphere and pipe, initially made for a hotel in Stockholm.

The firm's attorneys are admitted to practice law in specific states only (Scott D.

From sexy to silly and everything in-between this Halloween find your adult costume at Halloween Express.

has a national practice focused on the drafting and defense of municipal adult business regulations.

The Eleventh Circuit reversed, upholding all three ordinances.

We still talk about ‘Victorian Ideals’ as being these repressive sexual ideals, but in reality, there were all sorts of things being discussed at that time more than ever before.A recognized leader in assisting cities and counties with sexually oriented business matters, the firm's goal is to leverage its expertise on behalf of municipal clients to provide constitutionally sound ordinances and effective resolution of industry challenges.Read More The City of Johns Creek enlisted the firm to handle two suits involving an adult store that opened in an illegal location.Same-sex relationships, prostitution, abortion –– All of these things entered the public discourse.” Another explanation for the increasing number and types of dating platforms could be niche marketing, Ryan pointed out.According to Ryan, the impact of online dating remains limited for the time being because of barriers to accessibility.It was a timely move; perfectly in tune with the city’s growing love for craft beers, home brewing and the Swedish heritage of spirit.

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