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My first thought was:”This may cause an accident.”'I tried to warn vehicles that there was a speed trap.

Because I challenged the officer he would not let me off with a warning.’Thompson was pulled up as he headed out of Grimsby on the A46 at 10am.

According to the AA, regulations under the act that would enable the Government to ban other radar detecting devices have not so far been enforced, although few such devices are currently on the market.

Defending the decision to prosecute, a spokeswoman for the Crown Prosecution Service said: 'Cost is not a consideration in our decision to prosecute.'When a file is provided to the CPS from the police, it is our duty to decide whether it presents a realistic prospect of conviction and whether a prosecution is in the public interest.

He said he had been involved in an accident a year ago when two drivers in front of him braked sharply after seeing a speed trap and although he braked in time another motorist crashed into the back of his vehicle.‘It is not an offence to warn people of a possible speed trap because of the danger involved with vehicles braking quite hard,’ he claimed.‘It’s a civic duty to warn people. I had a very good reason to warn oncoming motorists, in my opinion.

‘You are causing people to brake to avoid going through a speed trap at an excessive speed and all it does then is allow people, when they are past it , to pick up speed again and speed on.

‘It’s not the speed trap that causes the accident it’s the idiot behind the wheel who brakes heavily that causes the accident.’ Magistrates rejected Thompson’s defence.

'In accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors a prosecution was deemed appropriate.'Prosecutor John Owston told Thompson he was not trying to avoid an accident occurring.

He said: ’You were doing it to warn them of a speed trap because as a motorist you don’t want other motorists to be caught speeding.

You wanted to make sure that people who were speeding slowed down.’ Mr Owston added: ’The natural reaction of most drivers in those circumstances would be to brake.

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