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“I can only grant them one wish — I will live with this for the rest of my life.” Stockton was a city police officer for seven years.

He resigned from the force four days after Briggs died.

Jim Seward came to Cortland Wednesday to raise what has become a hot-button issue: how does the state monitor registered sex offenders who have served their time and have been reintroduced to society?

Seward (R-Milford) was touting plans to locate registered sex offenders that have fallen off the radar in New York state.

If you are a member of, or represent a band that wishes to make music samples available to the masses here at Heavy Harmonies (the site gets over 2,000 visitors per day), you can submit your material to: Heavy Harmonies P. About 60 people were present in court this morning for the sentencing, including friends and family of Stockton and the victims.Briggs’ family, Benn and District Attorney David Hartnett all asked that Stockton be given state prison time for the crimes.In the statement, Breed told the court how the Briggs family suffered during the weeks after the crash, forced to choose between surgeries that would leave Briggs in a vegetative state or letting her mother die.She described her mother as a person who loved life, helped people as a nurse and spent her free time gardening and writing poetry.Hartnett dismissed those charges in exchange for Stockton’s guilty plea.

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