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Tuesday, December 13 12-pm Claudia Cohen Hall Class of '55 Terrace Room Registration Description: José Bauermeister, Ph D, MPH is the Penn Presidential Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania.

He directs the Program on Sexuality, Technology and Action Research (PSTAR) at the School of Nursing.

The alleged victim, in other words, the individual(s) who has experienced a possible instance of Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and/or Stalking, regardless of whether that individual makes a report or seeks formal disciplinary action.

Note: As explained below, the University reserves the right to serve as Complainant and to initiate disciplinary proceedings in appropriate circumstances, even where the alleged victim does not wish to make a report or to proceed with disciplinary action him/herself.

Consent to engage in sexual activity must be informed, knowing and voluntary.

It must exist from the beginning to end of each instance of sexual activity and to each form of sexual contact.

She is also interested more broadly in research around issues of STD and HIV prevention and treatment as well as achieving health equity for other marginalized youth including LGBT and homeless adolescents. Dowshen received the 2010 Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine New Investigator Award for her research identifying protective factors against HIV infection among young transgender women.The University is prepared to take all appropriate steps to prevent and respond to such behavior. It is especially important, therefore, that anyone engaging in sexual activity be aware of the other person’s level of intoxication.Recognizing that each situation has its own characteristics, the University will respond promptly and equitably while tailoring the solution to best fit the situation. If there is any doubt as to the level or extent of the other individual’s intoxication or impairment, the prudent course of action is to forgo or cease any sexual contact or activity.The University also has jurisdiction over any off-campus conduct (even if unrelated to a University-sponsored program or activity) that is likely to have a substantial effect on an individual University community member, on University life or activities, or that poses a threat of danger to any member of the University community. The extent to which a person in this state affirmatively gives mutually understandable words and/or clear, unambiguous actions indicating a willingness to engage in sexual activity and the other person is unaware—or reasonably could not have known—of the person’s level of alcohol consumption and/or level of impairment must be evaluated in determining whether Consent has been given.Being intoxicated or impaired by alcohol and/or other drugs is never an excuse for Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, or Sexual Violence and does not diminish one’s responsibility to obtain Consent.Nadia Dowshen, MD is a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist who serves as Director of Adolescent HIV Services in the Craig-Dalsimer Division of Adolescent Medicine at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

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