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The allegations that he tried to put on me came from him.'When Deion didn't get his way, he screamed "this woman is cheating.

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Today Pilar is adamant she did not cheat on her husband. I strongly believe in family and I strongly believe in loyalty.'Many things happened within the marriage.Pilar Sanders has broken her silence to speak for the first time about her marriage and acrimonious divorce from former Hall of Famer, NFL star Deion Sanders, 50.Even by the standards of celebrity splits theirs has proved vicious with allegations of infidelity and abuse, and a custody battle that saw Pilar, 42, held in contempt and thrown in jail.He lost his life for a hoax,' she told The Albequerque Journal.A friend of the author defended the hunt on Sunday when contacted by Daily 'Forrest has said many things which people should pay attention to [including] don’t go anywhere a 79 or 80 year old man can’t go, the chest is not hidden in a dangerous place, and don’t search alone in the mountains, yet people still look in the Rio Grande.'They feel they need to check out cliff faces using mountaineering skills and they try crossing raging, ice cold mountain rivers. Forrest intended this treasure hunt to get kids off the couch and away from their video games. Folks who try these stunts with no experience other than watching reality TV programs are foolish and apparently can’t read or listen well to the guidance offered by the only person who knows where the chest is located,' Dal Neitzel, who operates a blog about the hunt, said.The author said he buried the goods in 2010 and that the treasure hunt is his way of encouraging families to get outdoors and spend time together.

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