Sex dating in crystal falls alaska

With this as a motive, Jason starts to have rough sex with Maudette with his hands around her neck.He later realizes she becomes unresponsive and assumes that he accidentally killed her.After that, Crystal moves back to Hotshot and Jason is shown to be dating other women.

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Although Jason is a major suspect for all four murders (three of which are women with whom he has had sexual relations with and the other is his grandmother), it is finally revealed during the first season finale that all four murders are committed by Drew Marshall (also known as Rene Lenier).

The first victim is Maudette Pickens, a local married woman who periodically engages Jason in casual sex.

It is discovered during one of these encounters, that Maudette had been paid one thousand dollars for a sexual relationship with a vampire.

Since Jason became a werepanther, their relationship has been strained; and it appears to end when Jason marries Crystal.

Jason then befriends werepanther Mel Hart, with unfortunate results.

It is implied that the relationship ended due to Jason's philandering behaviour.

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