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Seven months into our whirl-wind, jet-set long distance romance, I find out he is married. He divorced within 60 days and we picked up the pieces.

I've found no better relationshp highs and depths - than with my Gemini.

We grew apart, as I lost my ability to make him feel wanted and handsome, due to his outbursts when we would argue. That tells me he will be the kind of man that will allow me to care for my mother when she is elderly - and I would do the same with him, because he gives me that kind of love. Gemini works for Aries because Aries bores quickly.

I always suspected he was cheating after finding out about his wife. Not to mention I am very emotionally sensitive, so I can see he has been flirting or being another personality that isn't used with me. He has taken care of me in every way a man would and much more - even when we aren't "together". My Gemini is such a shape-shifting people-pleaser, but I am never bored with him. He anticipates my needs and relishes in being my Hero.

Prenatal exposures such as infections and immunisation may influence infant responses.

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Aries women have so many picky details needed for a perfect partnering; Gemini is a people-pleasing chameleon. I could nit-pick the man to death, but truly, at the end of the day, he loves and cares for me. I only worry he may start a econd family one day (doble life). Hi I am an Aries who is dating a Gemini we been together for 3 years we have kids sometime his so sweet and the next he needs his space so I give it to him. But those occasions had a lot 2 do with being intoxicated. But when he's around he seems to put out my flames and replace the fires with pure happiness. But I love it because it gives me a chance to drive him crazy and get angry at me. But when the day is at its end he smiles and kisses me.Maternal LTBI was positively associated with infant IP-10 responses with an adjusted geometric mean ratio (a GMR) [95% confidence interval (CI)] of 5.10 [1.21, 21.48].Maternal BCG scar showed strong and consistent associations with IFN-γ (a GMR 2.69 [1.15, 6.17]), IL-12p70 (1.95 [1.10, 3.55]), IL-10 (1.82 [1.07, 3.09]), VEGF (3.55 [1.07, 11.48]) and IP-10 (6.76 [1.17, 38.02]).I confronted him and after 2 days of lying to me he confessed he cheated on me when I had our son. Our conversations are great and very interesting...Now im not stupid if he admits to cheating on me once odds are it wasn't once and it probably wasn't just 1 girl. I have read so many negative things about Gemini's being 2faced and players, and all that other stuff, but everyone is different and if you go into a relationship thinking negative, nothing positive will come out of it. We are taking it day by day, but I couldn't have asked for a better man.Truly, he did leave me feeling lonley and heart-broken.

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