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Or provide a simple commands-based bot, to be used as your "command-line" interface for your broader Teams app experience.

You can make a notification-only bot, which can push information relevant to your users directly to them in a channel or direct message.

We have a very small team (typically max five persons) that has access to your personal data.

Please contact Erwin van Lun, founder and managing director of, for the most recent list of the individuals who can access your data.

We will use your residential address details when we need to ship something to you that we can’t send by email.

Additionally we’ll mention your address on invoices.

You can always unsubscribe to notifications on specific postings.

As a member or a guest, we probably know your e-mail address and in some situations also your telephone number or residential address details.

We will NEVER spam you, nor publish or nor sell your details to any third party. We will use your e-mail address to notify you about new comments in a post you commented on earlier (you are able to turn this option off for eacharticle), for account settings confirmations (if you’ve changed your password, for example) or for occasional notifications on major changes in the site (typically 1-5 per year).

Obviously, we’ll use your e-mail address to send you the e-mail newsletters you’ve subscribed to.

Combining Pypestream’s advanced messaging platform with Microsoft Azure’s cloud technology brings messaging and AI-powered conversational flows to the events and entertainment industry in Bermuda.“By leveraging Microsoft Azure, Pypestream is helping Premier Tickets Limited [Ptix] streamline ticketing, marketing and payments, and improve the way they interact with event customers.“Pypestream, the NYC-based company successfully soft-launched with Ptix in June for the America’s Cup.

As part of the project, the Ptix chat bot was deployed to handle customer ticketing requests in lieu of live agents.“users can chat with the bot or live agents by clicking the purple speech bubble button on our site or through the Pypestream app.

When asked some very basic questions, it used some of the old, A smart or clever answer is better than no answer routine:look at Message [1]... allows members to build their profile on a dedicated profile page and show it to the outside world to help them to build their reputation as a chatbot expert.

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