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Input your DDNS account user name, password and host name.

Click Save Settings and check the DDNS update status which should be “DDNS is updated successfully.” The DDNS service will register the Comcast Static IP address 172yyy.185.

The Internet-routable static IP address is assigned the Linksys Wi Fi router WAN interface for remote Internet access to LAN clients.

The Comcast provided static IP address, subnet mask and gateway must be configured on the Linksys WRT router to enable Internet access.

The configuration is simple by flipping the Internet Connection Type from DHCP to Static IP through these steps: DDNS isn’t necessary with a static IP address but it does provide a way to configure an easy to remember host name to reach simple LAN clients like an IP camera.

If you’re setting up a web server for a domain name you’ll want to subscribe to a DNS service and create DNS Zone records for your Comcast Static IP’s.

Remote Internet access to the LAN network clients requires subscribing to Comcast’s Static IP Service and disabling the various Comcast IP Gateway firewall, NAT and DHCP features for the routed equivalent known as “pseudo-bridge mode”.

Comcast Customer Support will remotely reconfigure the gateway for you upon request when the Static IP address is activated.

(We originally had an SMC8014 gateway which Comcast replaced with a NETGEAR CG3000DCR when the SMC8014 failed).

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