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I was crushed because I could not afford to build both a house and machine shop.

I refused to give up, so I contacted the Sheboygan office inspector and presented my case.

I wanted one of those OHV conversions so bad that I started to dream about how I could make one on my own.

I graduated high school in 1970 and started my Tool & Die Apprenticeship.

I took a copy of the book to the next town board meeting and presented my case one more time.

This time an old German gentlemen on the board by the name of Helmuth Dassow said he didn’t see a problem with it.

Dieter and I remained close friends and his daughter, Linda, worked for me as my secretary in the middle 1990s. Muth company as a Tool maker, I bought some land out in the country and wanted to put up a building that I could both live in and have my machines in, like the little shoe maker that lived upstairs from his business.

Before long, I had filled my Mom and Dad’s two car garage with equipment and needed more room. I went to the town board and presented my case but they said that it was not allowed.

I found a plumber to do the septic work but that would let me dig all the sewer pipes in under the floor and lead them in myself while he installed the tank and laterals.He raised his hand and voted approval and soon 2 more voted approval and I had my building permit!My father was born in 1916, had only had an 8th grade education and was a World War II vet.He had to make the final hook up because that was state law.Once the concrete was poured my brother-in- law Jim and I borrowed a large wrecker with two booms on it and lifted the large steel main beam in place.I married my first wife Charlotte in August 1974 and by March of 1978 my first son Tony was born. Many things have changed since then, Charlotte and I divorced.

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