Sean paul and beyonce dating


The reggae star caused the rumor mill to go into overkill after he collaborated with Beyonce on their hit number “Baby Boy” back in 2003 but failed to perform the hit with the singer at the MTV VMAs.

Shooter’s office to set the record straight on his blatantly false proclamation, those calls were unreturned.

This is due to the deterioration of the running surface with continuous drizzle over the last 3 hours.

The decision was taken by the technical committee upon inspection of the field .

“The song became number one for nine odd weeks or something like that and the controversy – it was a crazy time in my career,” the dancehall icon said.

“So up to now, I still [perform] the song, it’s a huge song for me and her and I just thank her for having me.” Despite haven’t seen Beyonce in a while, Sean Paul is hoping that the two can work together again. SOURCE: Urbanislandz Top Notch Entertainment and Boss Fm apologizes for the postponement of Twilight Relays.

Like Beyonce, who went on to marry JAY-Z and have children, Sean also married his longtime love, Jodi Stewart, and they welcomed a son, Levi Blaze, last February.

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