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We had participants select a username (how could they know what was available?

) and a password (with strict formatting requirements).

The eye-tracking gaze path below (Figure 3), illustrates this behavior.

The validation messages to the right of the input fields got a lot of visual attention in the second half of the form but none in the first half.

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Aramys Miranda developed the form we used with our users, who ranged in age from 21 to 49.

Our participants were faster, more successful, less error-prone, and more satisfied when they used the forms with inline validation.

Eye-tracking also showed that they “fixated” on the forms with inline validation less frequently and for less time, which shows that they found these forms easier to process visually than the forms without inline validation.

We measured success rates, error rates, completion times, satisfaction ratings, and standard eye-tracking metrics for each variation.

We presented each form randomly to minimize familiarity bias.

You can blame most forms’ poor etiquette on the way they’re built.

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