Sanaa latham dating


While trying to figure out if they've got a "love thing" or are just ...

As for Tyrese’s decision not to say anything at all about the allegations, we still do not know why he had nothing to say, but maybe we will hear him speak about another woman that he is really dating later on down the line.

Let's not get it twisted even for a moment, the gorgeous actress Sanna Lathan isn't single because she doesn't have suitors, it's her choice!

Could very well be that The Perfect Guy's Leah Vaughn has not found her perfect man/ soulmate in real life.

An Affair that allegedly had Sanaa thinking that D. In the middle of all these rumors is Omar Epps and his Wife and Oh My God check out the article and I will meet you back here for MY WORDMY WORD: I know for a fact that Denzel had sex with Sanaa ( and Eva Mendes as well as others) I also know that Regina was in Love with Sanaa.

I highly doubt that Omar Epps wife Keisha would allow Omar to have 3some’s with Sanaa Lathan ( who he reportedly was head over heels for and dumped his wife (then girlfriend Keisha) for the first time..

Sanaa Lathan however, goes one step further, and demonstrates an intensity both on and off the court that puts her in a league all her own.

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