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The problem with this hodgepodge is that most modern Russian Orthodox Christians are disconnected from the tradition of the Church: our parents grew up in a godless society whose norms were formed by an atheist ideology.Even modern Russian Orthodox clergy, according to Archpriest Georgii Mitrofanov of the St.As Archpriest Afanasii Belyaev wrote after hearing the confessions of Tsar Nicholas II’s children, “…I was decidedly unsure whether I as a confessor should remind them of sins which may be unknown to them…”3 A priest, however, is usually not a young person’s primary source of information about sin.From my perspective, I thought I was meeting a genuinely nice guy with whom maybe I could pursue a relationship with (sic). Then he laid (sic) down on the bed next to me and after a few moments proceeded to make some advances, ones that I, as an Orthodox Christian, did not want, nor did I see, coming…Quite aside from the obvious problems that Grinenko has in relating to the opposite sex,5 which are at the forefront of her writings,6 three things in the selection above deserve our attention: 1) the young woman identifies herself as an Orthodox Christian; 2) she wants only a completely platonic relationship with a man before marriage; 3) she is “definitely NOT okay with” forms of stimulation other than vaginal sex.7 While Grinenko does not specifically state that only vaginal sex—by which term she undoubtedly means vaginal penetration or intercourse—is approved by the Orthodox Church, the context of this comment leads me to believe that in Grinenko’s view, “other forms of stimulation” are contrary to her status as an Orthodox Christian, or, perhaps more properly, to her view of what is appropriate for a Christian.8 Apparently Grinenko’s article is meant to provide some food for thought to other young unmarried adults.

causes in those who pick up their knowledge by the way of “improper” talk, as most children do, an attitude that sex is in itself indecent and ridiculous.16 Likewise, our contemporary Russian Orthodox Priest Lev Shikhlyarov, also citing the corruption of Roman nobility, asserts that “the negative attitude toward sexual life became prevalent in the Western Church thought” and that “this tendency reached the East.”17 Commenting on the issue of “oral-genital and other kinds of sexual relations” in an apparent bid to correct the situation, Shikhlyarov argues that “those forms of [sexual] relations which help the spouses to better express their mutual help in the sphere of intimate love and do not offend mutual feelings are allowed.” In other words, Shikhlyarov attempts to place the principles of mutual love and respect, rather than those of canonical legislature, as the cornerstone of marital intimacy.As will be discussed below, the general attitude of the Church seems to follow close to the “ideal” once infamously vocalized by a respectable Soviet woman: “There is no sex in the USSR.”11 Most priests are not likely to mention sex in their sermons even before Great Lent, and they would think twice before asking people about the details of their sex lives during confession. S., where societal attitudes toward sex have been much more relaxed for decades, asking a young man or a young woman questions that are too specific may get the curious confessor in trouble.A survey of collections of letters to spiritual children by various elders also reveals an absence of any meaningful discussion of marital sex.Even though this essay tries to address issues exclusively within the Russian Orthodox Church, the very problematic relationship between traditional Christianity and sex is perhaps even more strained in the West.As Bertrand Russell so famously pointed out, The worst feature of the Christian religion …Encompassing casual styles with a creative aesthetic, the Paul Smith Ivo Trainers take sports luxe to a whole new level.

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