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The location that they had earlier come across was as a result of investigating ancient straight tracks and their link with ultra-low frequency sounds that seemed to be coming from the centre of the Earth.

The team's strategy was to look for a major intersection of these tracks and sounds and this resulted in them coming across a new Archaeological investigation at a small conical hill in Murcia in Spain.

On its ceiling were circular graffiti like patterns that had never been decoded.

Up until now, no one has understood what they are supposed to represent. An ancient Jewish book of Heiroglyphic figures seems to have had its contents deliberately changed over 600 years ago - just to stop people discovering its true meaning.

It was only later, when the team were investigating the tracks further afield, did they come across a Templar connection.

Chretien de Troyes, the writer of the original Grail story, does not refer to the Grail as anything special in any way other than to say that it held a holy wafer.

They soon realised that what they had found in Southern Spain some 18 months earlier was what the Knights Templars seem to have been looking for.

It appears that the strategy of the geobiologists and the Templars strategy were the same and if not, they were very similar.

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The findings are truly astounding and cannot fail to shock.

This deception has now been unravelled and the answers to these mysteries led a small team of researchers to find the strategy that a small group of Knights Templar had been using in order to search for something that was very special to them.

Many years later – Their search was called the Quest for the Holy Grail.

It appears that with newly found knowledge in tunnels under Jersualem, the Knights had set out to find a sacred location where these powers were said to be the most powerful of them all.

In this book, these powers are shown to have a common theme that connects them with earlier Celtic, Persian, Indian and Chinese legends.

What the Archaeologists appear to have come across was the largest Bronze Age city in Europe.

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