Review of double your dating by david deangelo

The truth is that a well hung and built black gay man doesn't have to do porn to be a successful escort who makes much more money than any porn performer or any white male escort.

Most of the guys who do urban porn are either desperate for money or have dreams of stardom.

You don't have your ENT doctor accompany you to your dental appointment, to step in and perform a biopsy of your vocal cords, just because you are already sedated and your mouth is open. The top is not hung, neither guys are light skinned - this is a sexy fuck from two sexy assed guys. It is slim pickings in dudeporn for the many people who like masculine buff black dudes who are mainstream and cleancut.

If you are a celebrity you CAN get just about anything, but the physicians are still responsible for negligence when it all goes wrong. For me good porn is when they look like they are into each other. There is an after clip to this - Addiction runs to get a washcloth and cleans out shawty's eye. I'm rather glad I started this thread, because (and I'm embarrassed to admit) a lot of these guys I have never heard of. The black college jock type are sometimes on big sites like Corbin Fisher, Randy Blue, or Sean Cody, but even rarer on the blatino and black sites.

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The more you’ve done the more we can offer you** **Our company also provides incremental pay increases for models who have tenure with the company.After that he was only as good as the bottom he was working with.& Castro was only interesting during his early solos & his few bottoming scenes. I heard a rumor years ago that these 2 were lovers for a brief period.My advice to any looking to get into this Caution !!!! And they checks was only 200-300 dollars I was Dumb Founded ... It's a wonder one of the big mainstream sites didn't scoop him up.[quote]This thread is dedicated to the Black Male Porn Star who seems never to get any recognition. I say whatever, I would still fuck his ass right to sleep. [quote]Now that I think about it, a similar situation happened to me recently this past Summer on Instagram.Dangerous Field of Work Not for me but For the Young Ones they Target Who is blinded by Fame. But they didnt no they were being tricked so hey I Say Think About Porn Twice Before Entering Everyone's not Built Ford Tuff !!!! XL is one of the few dudes in black porn that has that cleancut buff jock look. He's probably making more coin than all the dudes on this thread combined, except maybe Mike Mann. I sent a certain Black Straight Porn Stud with a MASSIVE COCK a completely platonic DM, congratulating him on his fine work.SEXY the way he licks the cum off first and kisses him with it right there. Buff jock guys like Robert Craig, Hagan/Taj (Fratpad, Corbin Fisher, Chaosmen), Chad (Sean Cody), Riddick Stone (Nextdoor), Carter (Corbin Fisher), Dante (Sean Cody), Sean Zevran, Adrian Hart, Dominic Santos (RB), Robert Axel, and Jay Landford (Randy Blue). The "thug" stuff has its place, but we should have more diversity. FYI (although it is barely readable)Wednesday, November 13, 2013Adult Star Tango speaks out on Arguement with Black Rayne owner Que Of course I am very privileged to bring a lot of hot stories to the viewers of The Scoop. A few weeks ago story broke that Adult Entertainer, Tango formerly of Black Rayne's "Breed it Raw", was not paid for his most recent scene.

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