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For example, banana starch grains are more elongate than potato starch grains.

Starch is hydrolyzed (broken down) by amylase enzymes (including B-amylase and maltase).

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Unlike the long, coiled molecules of soluble starch (amylose), the molecules of amylopectin are much shorter, with only 40-60 glucose subunits.They are also referred to as "starch grains" in most general biology textbooks.Since iodine stain (gram's iodine) makes starch turn purplish-black, the amyloplasts can easily be viewed with a compound microscope (400x).Compared with the RBCs, a 10% Na Cl solution is hypertonic while a 0.1 % Na Cl is hypotonic.Since the latter solution is almost pure water, the blood cells are actually hypertonic by comparison.: Movement of water molecules from a region of high concentration to a region of lower concentration through a differentially permeable cell membrane.When a seed of Sterculia lychnophora is soaked in water for several days, it imbibes water and swells to more than eight times its original volume.

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