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As I explained my creation, I realized that I hadn’t designed a solution to the biggest problem in our Slack room workflow.I’d engineered an even more complicated mechanism that would only add more problems in its extra gears. And Suzannebot has failed to revolutionize our workflow.Of the first time he demoed the bot for his parents, Vlahos writes: "Emboldened, I bring up something that has preoccupied me for months.'This is a leading question, but answer it honestly,' I say, fumbling for words.With a little more time, I could build out more and more custom responses to certain queries.And in this regard, Suzannebot is every bit as impressive–and completely disappointing–as the bots built by the major players of Silicon Valley today.

With a little more know-how, I could increase her natural language processing.I built in RSS feeds that you could summon with a command: “@Suzannebot, what’s on ? I scrubbed through JSON databases–I get norm-folk shivers just typing the word–for publicly available data that Suzannebot might be able to pull for us. The feature had seemed ingenious the first time I got it working in the Dexter simulator.But I knew the reaction was going to be bad in the middle of my big presentation to the staff.For the next few days, I struggled to add real code to my Dexter-based bot. So Suzannebot, even at 3 a.m., would log pitches in a Google spreadsheet for real-life Suzanne to review later. Me: [I’d paste whatever URL was relevant]That URL would be logged into the spreadsheet, so real-life Suzanne could approve or reject it when she had time.While the Dexter team shared all sorts of plans for more plug-in-style modules, the platform is still young and in beta, and I found myself pasting in Javascript with a prayer, failing, and then making nearly abusive use of Dexter’s friendly help line, which is operated by its seven-person team. It would go something like this: Me: pitch [that’s the only word I had to say] @suzannabot: What is your name? Anyone awaiting a response could ping Suzannebot with the phrase “pitches” to get an update.You can also branch discussions into specific topics that are quarantined in their own little add-on modules (imagine you’re Pepsi or United airlines, and dealing with a major media controversy–these modules would quickly allow you to add a topic all about the incident without messing with the core capabilities of your bot). Not only was she programmed to respond with the sort of insider joke punchlines that simply slay in an office setting, she made the real Suzanne cringe, ever-bracing for another virtual pie in the face. And even though Suzannebot never developed more logic than offering pre-scripted one-liners, my coworkers actually started asking her opinions on things, and even pitching her stories.

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