Proper dating of certificate


Confusion also comes into play with the term In a number of other cases, licensees have failed to sign, date, and seal documents because the document was not intended to be filed for public record.Again, licensees are required to sign, date, and seal all documents required by rule, which include far more than those simply intended to be filed for public record.Three key points warranting emphasis include: what needs to be signed, dated and sealed; physical documents versus electronic documents; and, how to sign, date, and seal engineering documents.

Placement of the date that the document has been sealed and signed is required regardless of whether the document is physically or electronically transmitted.

The licensee must then use a wet seal, a digitally created seal, or an embossing seal placed partially overlapping the licensee’s signature on each page required to be sealed.

The placement of the seal shall not render the signature illegible.

Physically transmitted documents require that the licensee create by hand an original of the licensee’s signature.

A scanned, facsimile, digitally created or copied image of the licensee’s signature is not allowed on physically transmitted documents.

For all of the requirements, please visit the page on the FBPE website.

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