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“No-one wanted to have to put that statement out, including Prince Harry, and there was concern about confirming the relationship.” Things then changed pretty quickly.“But over the course of one weekend, things escalated to the extent that Prince Harry felt he had to act.” Is this necklace a step closer to an engagement ring?Although Markle and Prince Harry are serious, Markle reportedly didn’t have an invitation to be his date to the church service.

According to a bombshell revelation in the latest issue of American tabloid the National Enquirer, William’s longtime love Kate Middleton is desperate to call off their wedding after finding out she’d have to “grin and bear it” if he has a mistress.“Kate is troubled by the disrespectful behavior William has shown her over the last seven years,” blabbed one insider.“Kate and Wills...Only two months after going public, the couple officially announced their engagement in November, following 18 months of dating.As royal wedding plans begin, we’re taking a look back at some of the juicy from their relationship — including how they met and when they plan to get married. They reportedly met in Toronto, where Prince Harry was launching the 2017 Invictus Games, and Markle was shooting her television show. “They had gotten on when they first met but it was just as friends,” a source told Us Weekly.“They then developed romantic interests in each other and, before you knew it, they were texting every day.” So what exactly brought them together?“Harry loves that she is so into philanthropy,” the source continued.However, there were rumors that he disapproved of other aspects of their relationship.

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