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Recent photographs, however, show her wearing a halo of white pear-shaped diamonds with a diamond-encrusted band.Within the Grimaldi clan, Pierre’s reputation is that of a diligent student and serious businessman (he has held control of his late father’s construction business since 2009).Beatrice was with him at the time and took to Twitter to defend Pierre. Charles Borromeo was a cardinal who was archbishop of Milan from 1564 to 1584. 1 religious ceremony will be held on the Borromeo islands, a group of islands in Northern Italy owned by the bride’s family since the 17th century.Famed American novelist Edith Wharton described the Borromeo islands and its gardens as “anchored in a lake of dreams.” Easily reached from Milan, they’re open for public visit daily from late March through October. The couple, whose union weds two Italian noble families, will celebrate their wedding with a relatively intimate reception, PEOPLE has learned.Deferring the annual Red Cross Ball, the groom’s mother will instead preside at a private dinner for the couple’s extended families at the luxurious Hotel de Paris.

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Early press reports suggested Pierre offered his bride-to-be a large pink diamond engagement ring.

However, after his mother's remarriage to Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover, the family moved to Fontainebleau, to be nearer to Paris and London, the latter being where his new stepbrothers lived with their mother.

It is assumed that Casiraghi passed the French Baccalaureate exam in the summer of 2005 since he shortly afterwards began university.

And she’s an heiress to the Italian fashion manufacturer Gruppo Marzotto, which has owned Valentino and Hugo Boss. He’s the grandson of fashion icon and Hollywood royalty Princess Grace Kelly.

At 6’2″, he s considered one of Europe’s best-dressed men.

Casiraghi was three years old at the time of his father's death in a boating accident.

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