Php script for updating tvshow files version 3

Verbose logging makes things much more difficult in the majority of cases.Forum rules This section of the forum is for our users to share their custom NFO files for alternate show orderings and "series" which do not belong directly in our database.This script will automatically download all of the fanart for every TV show ( and movie ( in your XBMC library and place it in an 'extrafanart' directory to be used by skins which support this feature.This script can automaticly download all available artwork for your movies/tvshows in your library. Each Movies and TV Show must have it's own subfolder!!filebot -script fn:utorrent-postprocess "M:\TV Shows\ZZZZZFinished" --output "M:\TV Shows" --action move --conflict override -non-strict --def subtitles=n artwork=y "ut_label=%L" "ut_state=%S" "ut_title=%N" "ut_kind=%K" "ut_file=%F" "ut_dir=%D" &1 My Set up is as follows: Running Win7 Pro u Torrent v3.4 build 30660 u Torrent Downloads here: M:\TV Shows\ZZZDownloading u Torrent moves finished here: M:\TV Shows\ZZZZZFinished Have u Torrent run the script up aobe after finishes but it doesn't seem to be working now. Please disable "Verbose" logging When logs (server or client app) are requested for an investigation, please do NOT turn on "verbose" logging unless it is explicitly requested. Creating Scripts and batch files The first script is actually a filebot script created by rednoah (U ROCK!

NFO files should be stored offsite on either cloud storage or similar hosting sites. Around two years ago I started using XBMC and I had to go through the process of learning how to massage and manage my media collection all over again And one of the first things I learned was that was no matter how great a tool or resource is, you are going to run into situations where you have to get your hands dirty with your own media.Once you have settled on a naming convention you are going to have rename all your files. Assuming this is your first use of the tool: Open Ep Namer and click settings at the bottom left.Put your files into the folder structure you chose and check to see if the show you working on is on the TVDB. Sub-directory recursion should be set to "" In auto naming all you have to worry about that your files show seperation between season number and episode number, Ep Namer will do the rest, you could simply have the file named 01x01 and it will recognize the right show.Media Companion - I know that Ember Media Manager has the ability to scrape TV shows and you can use that if you want but this is my personal favorite. I have broke this tutorial up into seperate sections Basics Custom Shows More Customization and Tips/Tricks Most of you will be able to skip this step but it goes without saying that you are going to need to organize your media files in a way that can be recognized by your HTPC platform and your own eyes.I recomend this folder structure: TV SHOW NAME- SEASON 1- SEASON 2- SPECIALSExample: Red Dwarf- Season 1- Season 2- Specials Unless you are 100% sure a show will never be made again that appears to be a one off I would always organize tv shows this way.What you will need: Patience, time and these tools: Notepad - | Programmer's Notepad - | NFOPad - are going to need a text editor and these are ones I use on Windows. Ep Namer - in case you have a lot of files to rename for a show that resides on TVDB.

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