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In 1861 Alfred (an Accountant) and Mary's family includes Alfred R 14, Mary A E 12, Emily C 11, Fanny E 8, John E 9, Frederick 6 Amy Palmer 4, Helen P 18 months plus a servant.

They are living at 7 Queens Road Villas, St Pancras. Their occupations are recorded as : Alfred - Managing Clerk to Wholesale Stationers, Mary A (E) - Teacher of Singing, Fanny E - Art Student, John E - Architect's Assistant. In 1881 Alfred, Mary Ann & Fanny are living at 7 Findon Road, London.

The 1911 transcription had 'Goodale' (now corrected) although the original record showed Goodall. In the transcription of the parish records, Mary Ann Palmer was born on 31 August 1822 and the christening held at Old Church, St Pancras, London on 21 October 1822. Their daughter Emily has Campbell and daughter Lilian has Davis as their second Christian names, likely to reflect the maiden name of Mary Ann's mother and/or grandmother. The 1911 census confirms she had 11 children, 7 of whom were still alive in 1911. uk There was no birth record for Alfred Richard Goodall however there was a record for Alfred Richard Palmer in the June quarter 1847, St Pancras district (volume 1 page 323). Actual date of birth from family historian Neil Slarke.

Mary Ann 79, Fanny Edith 59 and a boarder Annie Mitchell are living at 6a Station Parade, Kew, Surry. Searching for birth/baptismal records for another child I omitted the Christian names and entered the parents names Alfred William and Mary Ann Goodall. Birth and christening records for Alfred William Goodall, son of Edward and Ann, on 20 March 1821 and 11 April 1821 at Old Church, St Pancras London, respectively. uk Death record for Alfred William Goodall 85 years for March quarter 1906, Fulham District (volume 1a page 136). The GRO birth certificate confirmed Alfred Richard Palmer was the son of Mary Ann Palmer, no father's name was given. The baptismal record on ancestry shows the date of christening as and their usual place of abode was Harrington Place 50. The date of death for Fanny Edith is from Neil Slarke's research.

They are living at 7 The Studios, 116 Brecknock Road, Islington, London. Thank you to the NPG for the following information.

Grace is not on the 1901 or 1911 census at this time. John Edward Goodall exhibited fifteen works of art at the Suffolk Street Gallery 1876 - 89 and seven at the annual exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts. John Edward Goodall's wife Grace Weston (nee Empleton) is on Genesreunited but the tree holder knows little of them other than 'he died about 1920'.

Her uncle, Edward Goodall, gave her away when she married as her father had died prior to 1841. Birth and christening record for Edward Angelo for 8 June 1819 and 2 July 1819 at Old church, St Pancras, London respectively 18. Death record for Edward Angelo Goodall, age 88, for the June quarter of 1908, Pancras District (volume 1b page 3) 19. (On the ancestry record it has All Souls Church in Langham Place) Frances was the youngest of 6 children according to the website information. On Familysearch Frances' date of birth is given as 13 December 1833 and her christening as at All Souls, St Marylebone, London, England. Probate was granted to John Richard Yates, solicitor, and Mary Ethel Goodall, spinster.

There were no dates of birth & death for John Edward but they indicated his work covered the period of 1877 - 1911 (Artnet) and 1877 - 1891 (askart) I checked the census and found records for 18.

Family Historian Elna Skilbeck, granddaughter of William Napier Goodall. J E Goodall, the clever water-color artist, a nephew of Fred Goodall, R.

Amongst the various photos and memorabilia handed down to Elna was a newspaper clipping dated 13 December 1894 entitled "Vestrywomen. Goodall has worked very hard during the present election for the Progressive interests, and should be returned at the top of the poll. A." There is nothing to indicate which newspaper it was in but it does not appear to be from the London Times from that which is available online. The marriage certificate verifies that John Edward Goodall (Artist) married Grace Weston Empleton.

Also the 1841 England census has widowed Ann and Mary M Holland together. Found the website by a google search for 'Frances Smith Chittenden' .

Mary Montague married twice, firstly to Frederick James Fairhead and after his death Edward Ward Lower. rector, Edward Angelo, eldest son of Edward Goodall Esq of Albert Street, Regents Park, to Frances Smith, youngest daughter of Andrew Chittenden Esq, of Ulster Place Regents Park" 21. The source of the scanned Baptismal records for the children of Edward Angelo & Frances Smith Goodall 22. Date of birth and hour of birth (11am) given and christening date of in All Soul's Church, St Marylebone, Middlesex. Likely death record for Frances S Goodall for September quarter 1928, 94 years, Pancras District (volume 1b page 17) confirmed by the Probate record on uk which is the source of the actual date of death.

She was known to us as Cousin Mary." "Aunt Goodall" was Edward's sister Ann.

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