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These guys carried a fearless heart with such joy and love even in the most difficult circumstances.When some rats came running at the girls who were volunteering, they screamed, but then maintained control and carried on as if nothing had happened!FAVOURITE OTTAWA VENUE: The Elmdale Oyster House in Hintonburg always shows me a good time.FAVOURITE OTTAWA COFFEE SHOP: A new Equator coffee just opened up the street from my office. FAVOURITE OTTAWA BEER: Beyond the Pale‘s Pink Fuzz.. FAVOURITE OTTAWA SHOP: Does an Instagram shop count?Cyclists can drive just as dangerously and selfishly as drivers do.We all need to check our blind spots and get along!This was mostly because they have fled their country to find work to provide for their families back home and didn't want their family to find out that they are stuck in a refugee camp.I spent some time shadowing one of the amazing Greenlight translators.

My time at the Jungle had gone quickly and there were some tired legs but happy souls.

NAME: Merrill O’Malley OCCUPATION: Project Manager for ‘Reno my Reno’ on Cottage Life WHERE YOU HEADING: I am on my way to work at Mountain Road Productions in Westboro WHAT ARE YOU RIDING: A refurbished vintage Bianchi that I got from re-Cycles on Bronson, her name is Pearl. I love the feeling of whipping past cars that are backed up over the bridge. IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT BIKING IN OTTAWA WHAT WOULD IT BE: There needs to be a mutual respect between cyclists and drivers.

Commuting by bike from Aylmer is probably faster than driving with all the traffic.

Like many others, his story and journey captured my heart as he fights to find purpose and health in his life and for his family.

He appears extremely intelligent, speaking good English and studying while working as a chef in his country. I found myself talking with many other refugees who didn't want their identity shown.

However, my stomach was still very tense and I could only manage a banana while the others just ate as if it was totally normal.

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