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With this configuration, you won't have to worry about your property while you're away.

One of the simplest ways of setting up DDNS for yourself is through NO-IP.

To make DDNS effective you will need to have a way of contacting the servers to update your IP address if it's changed.

You could do this by leaving a computer on constantly using their DUC software, but there's no reason to waste electricity just to view your HD security cameras with DDNS.

You can't access the cameras if you're not pointing to your own network.

This article will explain what DDNS is, how to get free DDNS service, and configure it on your security cameras and security DVR recorders purchased from CCTV Camera World.

That's right, you can even create DDNS entries on our IP Cameras. Every site that you access on the web has an IP address, but generally, you don't enter the IP address to go to a site.

Login to the email account you provided at time of signup and click on the link inside the email to verify that you are an actual human being that signed up for their service.

After you click on that link, you will presented with a confirmation page like the one below.

There are two methods you can use to input the settings for your DDNS account on your device.

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