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I wish, I will be given a life long enough to mesmerise this girl called Taiping and forever reserve a spot in my heart. Its is indeed blessed as the magic showers continually wetting the bare earth and green green grass of Taiping. Also missed our best teachers - Cik gu Shahariah and her husband Cik gu Bakar Ali, Cik gu Ismail, Miss Mah Yuet Peng, Mr. No doubt we have modern lake that have been built up but they can't challenge TLG.John Gardiner Hi gang this is from scotland this is a great site.i was stationed with 2infantry workshops at the foot of Maxwell hill and i visited the lake gardens as often as i could while i was there in 1961-62 The lake Gardens is a (Gem) in the crown of Malaysia. Voon, Mr Syed Ismet, Cik gu Kamaruddin, Cik gu Markizah and Cik gu Yusof Manas. It's really cool and so different compared with other lake across Malaysia. The uniqueness of the surroundings that make it different from others.I shifted to Taiping with my whole family in the year 1992 and since then, Taiping keep on casting its charm on me.Though I am working in Penang, every weekend, I'll be in Taiping to enjoy my momentary stay here not just with my family members but also with 'Taiping'herself.So what they will always - "go to Lake Garden lah" Taiping Muzium just infornt of their school so does Taiping prison. Now with this website, I can just easily ask them to log in and they will know why I'm so proud of my kampung (village/place of birth). I left Tpg 27 years ago and am now overseas, but every couple of years when I go back to Msia, I visit Tpg (as my sis has sort of retired there).But myselft and another sister we went to the 1st Malays school in Taiping SKT then to Sek Men Dr. Sometime we like to do crazy things - we walk all the way from our house in Kamunting Garden to Taiping Lake Garden. By just looking at the Lake Garden photos, I believe you will surely fall in love with it. There used to be a Hokkien saying: Taiping orr - sui hong kheng, Taiping chooi - chin chnia cheng, Taiping snua - chin chnia leng, Taiping lang ???? Born and bred there, I used to think it's like being in a nutshell, nothing "moves", those days there wasn't enough "decent" jobs to be found - one feels like being suffocated and no room for improvement.

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Everyday activities revolve around the lake - the morning walk, fishing at night, visiting the zoo, cycling, canoeing and many more.

Going back 30 years now, but we had great fun hiking at night towards the Burmese pool from the camp. The breath taking view of Tpg at night was an experience.

Locals believed certain bangalows were haunted.....some "white man" ghosts from the colonial days.

(B) Mohd Khalid), but when I was 4 years old he decided to make Taiping our permenant resident (he was from Taiping). Another person on this site said "They visited the mines behind Sangro Circle in the jungle!

He grew up in Taiping and went to school at the famous school - King Edward. A couple of people on this site heve lived in Sangro circle.

I was there until 1978 before packing up to do Univ in NZ.

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