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Reading these posts, I was thinking about how many meet and greets I had that they didn't look much like their photos. Guess that's an advantage of sporting a shaved head, not like I'm going to show up with a different haircut.It is nice when she shows up at the meeting place and you recognize her. Just a few meets over the years has told me that few really look like their profile.True-but if you have read a guys' email, looked at his profile and photos(if available),given it some thought,and realized that there just isn't any feeling of interest,why would going out with him be any fun?

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they read the first thread, think, "this is OLD" ... as an experiment, I reactivated an old "Over 65" thread ... As far as women insisting on some reasonable caution about giving out personal info to words on a computer screen or a voice on the phone, and/or refusing to come to a mans' home(or inviting him to her home) for a first meeting-that is just basic safety wisdom 101-not being "scared little rabbits".Maybe, it's an omen, that were not suppose to meet? But if you want to find the right partner...challenges must be faced. A good tip for the Ladies would be "Its only a DATE...No horror stories, but no Cinderella ones either...the "thing" about OLD threads and doing a search and posting to the OLD thread is ... Don't over think it, plan too far ahead and keep it light"!It just means they don’t intend to meet you because you aren’t compatible and don’t respect their preferences."Ditto! You people sure have a lot more time on your hands than I do (and I am retired). Don't you ever get bored of just meeting any and everybody?OMG, sorry about wanting to make sure I have enough in common with a potential date by want to chat online. One or both of you are really leery of actually meeting up in fact. I like to send and receive a few messages first, just to try and see if this is a person I want to meet.I can share some of mine:...of the Ladies I have met have been HONEST and RESPECTABLE ....

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