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ISSN 0104-6632abstract Nieves, Elsa, Ribeiro, Aloisio and Brazil, Reginaldo Physical Factors Influencing the Oviposition of Lutzomyia migonei (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Laboratory Conditions.

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Novos derivados do sistema heterocíclico 1H-pirazolo[3,4-b]piridina: síntese e assinalamentos de hidrogênios e carbonos por RMN 1D e 2D. ISSN 0104-6632abstract MACHADO, Ricardo Luiz Dantas, GARRET, Denise Oliveira, ADAGU, Ipemida Sullayman et al. ISSN 0036-4665abstract Gracco, M and Catalá, S Inter-specific and developmental differences on the array of antennal chemoreceptors in four species of triatominae (Hemiptera: Reduviidae). ISSN 0104-6500abstract Barbieri, Rosa Lía, Carvalho, Fernando Irajá Félix de, Dornelles, Ana Lúcia Cunha et al. QUANTIFICATION OF THE EFFECT OF SOME OPERATIONAL VARIABLES ON THE CELL GROWTH YIELD (Yx/s) OF Penilcilium chrysogenum BY SURFACE RESPONSE ANALYSIS. ISSN 0100-8404abstract Araújo, Maria Cristina P., Dias, Francisca da Luz, Cecchi, Andréa O. Chromosome damage induced by DNA topoisomerase II inhibitors combined with g-radiation in vitro.

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