Jamie lynn spears dating

The people here who have said "who cares", in my opinion, don't mean who cares about teen-age pregnancy, just who cares that it is Brittneys little sister as it isn't anything that doesn't happen around the world, too many times a day...

When you were 16, did YOU hang out with your mom 24 hours a day?

Let's now put our focus on something important huh ?

The importance issue is relative in the sense that many young girls see her as an idol, and model her behavior. Some parents may not be aware of her pregnancy and may want to discuss this with their impressionable pre-teens who watch. Not for the reasons the gossip sector of the media portrays it as. The reporting is done by hypocritical ones that lived and still living the "Girls Gone Wild" college days and now menopausal, used up drunken gossip journalists, hehe. The reason the news has this tendency of covering many, many gossip crap along with serious issues.

So who makes the better "Father" figure, K-fed or Casey? Either way, it doesn't seem she was forced into anything."Child neglect and endangerment"? It's sad and unfortunate, but hardly neglect and endangerment...16 year olds will find a way to have sex, no matter how they're raised. This has to be the silliest thing I've read in forums . What's next for the moronic public to take a hold of ? She's another skanky little kid who got knocked up by some testosterone freak who did her at a party some night.

My vote is for K-Fed, at least he waited until Britney was legal, unlike Casey. The media jumps all over it like it matters because she is the sister of a well known pop star skank ? Many young girls are getting knocked up by assholes ?

Watson popped the question a little over a year ago, with Spears showing off her diamond via Twitter and complimenting her fiancé on doing a nice job with the ring.

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